05 October, 2009

Soul Music

Is there a particular song or group that just does it for you? What music stirs your insides, as if the notes wrap around your spirit, caressing with each vocal, beat, harmony???

Right now, I am in the midst of books all around me. We move some furniture around to allow for better flow. As I thought about what would speak to me during the reorganization process, I put on Concrete Blonde. There is something about the raspy voice that haunts you as you become entranced. Needless to say I love it!

I feel as if I had just spent an entire day catching up with an old friend, me. The me I was when I discovered Concrete Blonde. If I met the me I was then, now, I would think she is a pretty cool chick. She was strong, opinionated, beautiful, willing, persistent, a romantic at heart, but a tough as leather gal. Yeah, she was full of ambition, desires, secrets and hunger.

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