06 November, 2009


After the Emptiness...Filling Up With the New Energies

November 2, 2009


For the past several days (or longer), there has been a great amount of light pouring in, and does it ever feel divine! I can literally feel all the cells of my body filling up with an amazing cushion, drink, tingling, glowing, and a simply amazing feeling of a most heavenly nature. This new light has arrived in a very timely way, for several reasons.
Many of us have recently been situated somewhere new in regard to our “homes,” or geographical locations. This has manifested as a literal move to a new area or new home, or even a re-building or remodeling of our current home. In this way, we have been placed somewhere “new” where we most certainly needed to be for the times to come. (If you have not recently moved, you are probably right where you need to be already.)
As soon as the time was right, and we were where we needed to be, and as soon as we had let go of so much that we needed to leave behind, and as soon as enough of us were ready and finally situated, then in came the light. We are now aligning very strongly with this new light, and this alignment is manifesting in every cell of our bodies. We are filling up once again after being empty for so long.
Many have recently reported kidney or bladder problems…this usually occurs when we are releasing the old. Coughing is also common, along with bouts of weeping. We are letting go of all of the old. We are saying good-bye to the old energies and our old lives because we are finally ready to create the new. We are now no longer a part of the other world in any way. We can also suddenly feel as if we are in Neverland, or someplace where we simply feel heavenly, perhaps even lightheaded, with a desire to never leave or go back to the old reality ever again. This is the magical energy I have been writing about, that was due to arrive in October.
We are also going into a very new phase that involves coming back to ourselves. After spending two or so years in very dark or dense places, as we agreed to go back into these spaces as a final grand effort to raise the vibration of the planet, we are now coming home to our true and divine selves. And not only are we coming back to ourselves, but we are also becoming the selves we came to be in regard to our very new roles.
In this way, we may find ourselves “giving back” anything that we created during this two year period of the recent past, as much of anything created then no longer fits us now. That time is very far removed from what is soon to come. If we continue to hold onto these creations from that time, we may find that they feel very unpleasant, that they do not remotely match where we are now, and also that they may not seem to want to depart on their own! These creations are hanging in the space of no space, with no apparent movement.
In recent days, many new connections have been occurring as well. With so much finally behind us, it is now time to begin connecting to each other once again. Our phones may have begun ringing again after a very long period of silence, we may be suddenly hearing from others, or we may even be meeting new people and connecting to very new things. There is a magic in the air, as we are now ensconced with the energy of the new reality.
For a while now, I have been saying the same things over and over, but have also been receiving letters asking about these very things, even though I have been saying the same things over and over again and wondering if I am indeed boring you! What is happening here, is that we are not yet ready to hear all at the same time. When we are not yet ready to hear something, we simply do not. None-the-less, I will reiterate some of the basics once again.
With the advent of the solstice of June, everything was thrown out of its groove, and when everything landed, it landed in new vibrational spaces, which were spaced very apart. Before then, most of us had ended up congregating at the same energetic or dimensional spot, as we had gone as far as we could go, waited for as many as possible to catch up, and thus, were finally all at a specific “finish line” at the same time.
Now, we are spaced very far apart, as we landed in places that match where each of us is now vibrating. The forerunners are at the front, and with far less company than the majority of others. In this way, many of you reading the WINGS posts, can no longer relate to all of the material, as we are now no longer all in the same space like we used to be. So then, some of it fits and some of it does not. In addition, after the final disconnect of September 9th , each soul had the opportunity to chose where each soul wanted to be. Some souls chose to go back into the mainstream and experience a normal life, while others chose to move forward into a new heaven, and yet others chose to simply depart altogether. In this way, I cannot write to everyone now, as I simply do not know nor am I personally experiencing what each and every one of you is now experiencing.
Even so, wherever we all are now, we usually experience similar things in regard to energy, as when energy begins to move, it affects everything. So then, we may still have the same experiences, only at different levels of experience, so things may manifest a bit differently, but we can still relate. At other times, the forerunners are having a very different experience, as they are the original creators of the planet, have placed themselves within the ascension experience with every fiber of their being, and are thus, having the most dramatic and life changing experiences of all. Thus, the wide variety of ascension experiences. Hoping this all makes sense!
And as always, we are all exactly right where we need to be. No one is better than anyone else, nor is anyone left behind or lost, even though it may have felt this way in recent weeks and months!
To sum things up in regard to those asking for more clarity: We have been letting go of most of everything, in order to arrive somewhere new that vibrates higher. We do not get to take suitcases with us, or rather baggage. Our roles of healing others or the planet are now over, as that phase is now complete. Thus, we are now moving into new territory that involves creating a very new planet Earth. We were also allowed choices as to where we want to go and what we want to create. For those who chose to create a new heaven on earth: Because we are the creators of the new Earth, there is nothing here yet. We are in new and vast territory. It is thus, empty. It is empty because it is up to us to create something new. We can no longer create alone, nor exist alone, as separation is a lower vibrating existence. We will create by connecting to each other. When we connect to each other, we automatically go into a higher vibrating space, and miracles occur. We can no longer go it alone, nor be alone, nor make anything happen by ourselves. We had to really die before we could be reborn into this new reality. In this way, we may have felt like much decay was occurring within and without, like there was absolutely nothing left of us, and as if we were living in hell. We may have felt totally and completely exhausted for the past few years, and we may have felt that we no longer had guides, the ability to create a thing, or our usual higher vibrating experiences. This is all normal (we are at the level of our guides now, so we need to rely on ourselves and our inner wisdom. We also could not create anything, as we could not take anything with us, so we had to be very empty in all ways).
So now, here we are in a vast new land. For some of us, we are still being held back to the degree that those whom we will be connecting to, are still being placed in their new spots, or are still “finishing up.” Or perhaps we are still not ready ourselves. I know for me, that I am in a resting phase, from all the excitement of getting here, along with all of the losses I incurred. Although I am very aware of my new endeavors, I am not yet ready to jump into them quite yet. I need some down time. We are also aligning with these new and higher vibrating energies, so all that we will be creating in times to come, may not yet be in our awareness quite yet. But do know, that it will be when the time is right. And there are still decisions being made at the higher levels (our subconscious soul levels) as well, as to how things may unfold in the best way possible.
This new energy that we are currently being infused with, will align us, connect us to our “soul signatures,” and assist in making everything very clear for what we want to do next. It is all about what we have always known. It is what we really came here to do. It is finally time. We are aligning with this higher vibrating energy right now... this is what this latest alignment and infusion is all about.
The higher we vibrate and the more we find ourselves existing in these higher vibrating spaces, the more we come to realize and experience how great the chasm is between one dimension and another. If ever we find ourselves interacting with lower vibrating energies, it can come as a real shock to our systems. Higher vibrating energy moves very fast and vibrates fast. When it comes into contact with a slower vibrating energy, it can feel like a real train wreck… like hitting a brick wall going a hundred miles per hour. Shock and bewilderment at the behavior and energy of these lower vibrating energies is a common and normal experience. It can stop us in our tracks, as it simply does not fit in with our current experience or awareness.
These experiences of colliding energies many times occur when we have been very nice, helpful, extended ourselves, been “giving” or accommodating, and very loving to other energies. The reason we have a big collision or a very unpleasant experience, is because we no longer belong in these spaces. These energies do not “see” us, they do not appreciate us, and they are basically telling us to get out as our higher vibrating energy will only serve to bring up the vibration, and we are no longer supposed to be doing this. Our days of serving the old world, of helping the old world, of extending ourselves, and of being present in the old world are very over.
Being the naturally loving souls that we are, this can be a bitter pill to swallow. Yes, of course we can “visit” the old world for brief periods and be loving, but when it is time to move on, we will be pushed out through interacting with disrespectful and unappreciative energies. The best remedy is simply not to interact at all. If we choose to call these energies on their seeming rude and arrogant behavior, the fire is only fueled, and these energies become even more difficult to deal with. Removing ourselves from them is what is being called for, so that is most always the best thing to do. These are strong reminders that we need no longer be fulfilling our old roles…it is now time for us.
As we begin connecting to like energies now, we will find that pockets of energy will reveal themselves to us that simply feel great. And yes, we will be creating very new spaces of these feel good energies ourselves, but in the meantime, there are still spaces available that already exist. I love my Credit Union. Now needing to visit a new branch as I have recently moved, I love going there. Their philosophy is that the customers or members are what matter, as that is what comprises the Credit Union…it is made up of members with shares of the “bank.” One teller tells me that he began his job there with quite a commute, but would not leave for anything, as he really loves the people he works with. Another employee tells me that she loves it there, as the past year had her working at different banks, she was very unhappy, and here, the priority is the members, and she would not leave for anything. There is a real experience of the whole going on there. And they all want to know all about me as well. And I like knowing about all of them too! They cannot do enough for me, and always go the extra mile. It is a wonderful place to be involved with.
I also have a favorite Target store in the area. Whenever I am there, the employees are always so happy! They laugh, joke, and help each other. And of course, they love to help their customers as well. I finally asked to speak to the manager, as I wanted to meet whomever it was that was creating such a delightful place to be!
These places of higher vibrating energy will pop up everywhere, and they stand out like a beacon of light on a dark night. As we begin to connect to each other more and more, we will create these higher vibrating spaces ourselves, and a new grid will form. Some of these spaces will vibrate very high (much higher than the establishments mentioned above), according to who is creating them and what their purpose is, and others will vibrate differently, according to who has created them and according to what they are about as well.
The ascension process has always mimicked menopause. With hot flashes and night sweats, short term memory loss, abdominal weight gain, depression, sleep disturbances, loss of our usual sense of place or purpose, and even temporary hearing loss, the new phase we are now experiencing is yet another resemblance of menopause. We are done helping and putting our service to others above everything else. We are now ready to do something for ourselves. It is now time for us. Our “children,” or rather all the souls on the planet whom we dedicated ourselves to, now need to be on their own. We have done all we can. We are done parenting and placing their needs before ours, so to speak. In this way, we are now very poised for creating a very new reality. We can really come into our creativity now, do what we love to do, figure out what contribution we want to make to the new world that aligns with what we love to do, and just have some fun and kick off our shoes. This is when the fun begins. And this is also when our “soul scripts” really begin to activate.
As a final note for this particular WINGS post, some of your inquiries are addressed below. Many of you have asked the same questions or had the same concerns in regard to store-fronts if you are over 65 years of age, losing or misplacing things that suddenly show up somewhere else, and adjusting to the pain of being separated from your loved ones.
If you feel that you are too old or do not fit in with the blueprint of a store-front, you do not need to. Each and every one of us has a special gift and talent, like no other. This is our contribution to the planet. Our various gifts and talents are very needed. A store-front is simply a term I created to refer to our contributions. We need not always have to make money from them. Some of us still need money, until we are completely sustaining a new reality without the need for money. In this way, our store-fronts will need to generate money. Our gifts and talents, or our contributions or purpose, are all that is ever necessary. So in this way, a “store-front” can simply indicate who you are and what you are about. In addition, with the advent of the final disconnect, some of us may have chosen to simply be here observing and just hanging out. Your store-front, then, is simply what you are about and who you are.
Many are reporting that they put an object somewhere, and suddenly it is no longer there, but miraculously shows up somewhere else, or maybe never at all. This has been going on for quite some time. It is simply an indicator of dimensional shifting. Another indicator is seeing things moving out of the corner of your eye, or hearing voices….or even buzzing sounds. These are manifestations of moving in between dimensions and of now residing where new and higher vibrating energies are now residing. We have new company now.
And lastly, many of you are feeling greatly challenged and deeply saddened from being separated from your loved ones. This occurrence is, I personally believe, one of the most difficult of all the ascension experiences. These separations happen when there is a vast difference in where we are all vibrating. When we go somewhere else, not everyone goes with us. We either let go of our biological families intentionally, or we are denied access to them.
If we choose to sever the connections on our own, because we can no longer tolerate their behaviors or are no longer in alignment with them, it can still be an uncomfortable situation. If we are the ones left behind, we are at times being asked to step up to the plate, to own our behaviors and our vibrations, and to make some needed changes within ourselves. And at other times, we are left behind because we would never move forward on our own…we would not leave our loved ones behind, so these souls lovingly leave us, or usually create a very distasteful situation so that we will be motivated to move ahead without them. They know that they are not yet ready to go where we are going, so they leave us instead.
In any case, know that it does indeed get better. With the exception of my daughter and grandchildren (although they recently moved away so Ari could complete her soul script), I have been separated from every last member of my biological family and my prior acquaintances. After the extreme emptiness comes a new filling up, if ever so slowly. When we begin to connect to new members of our family, we will have relationships and connections that vibrate so much higher than we have ever known, that our old relationships only pale in comparison. Our soul families will be coming together now.
I have recently met a new person (no, not my new “love interest” companion), and every time I interact with him I begin to cry….I just cannot help it. I have never known so much love, caring, respect, and appropriate behavior. This person really sees me, always knows exactly just what to say, do, and be, and the contrast between this and what I have let go of is dramatic. He came out of nowhere as a sudden surprise. He held a key as well, that re-opened a heart that had needed to close while still living in the old reality. And this is the way it will be as we connect to our soul families and begin creating very new families of a much higher vibrating nature. It is truly magical having all the old density now gone, and now being able to connect to others in true and higher vibrating ways. And our hearts will open once again.
Last night I watched a movie where the female lead lost her husband, the child role lost his mother, and the male lead was not interested in a relationship. In the end, they all created a very new family, and it was so full of love! They were very devoted to each other, and had so much caring and interaction, that their old relationships became a distant memory. It reminded me of our very new families..it was amazing.
As we begin taking our first new steps in this very new reality, we will find the magic we have always dreamed about. It is indeed here, and we can finally experience it now. Our gratitude will be immense, as will our wonderment and surprise….we have indeed earned it…this new heaven on Earth, miles away from the old world. The old phrase "I think I have died and gone to heaven" will take on a very new meaning. I know it has for me.
With much love and gratitude,

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