21 November, 2009


The Opening of 11:11 and the New Energy Surge

November 18, 2009


The energies are really moving of late…like a yo yo, with great intensity and at other times great lulls, things may indeed feel erratic, but as with all things, there is a distinct purpose behind it all, as we are most assuredly gearing up for the very new beginning that we have waited for, for so very long.
For the past two years or so, I have been reporting that “next year” will be our year of new beginnings, and then as we all know, this has not been the case. What has transpired, is that at the time many of us see and feel this, it is indeed the plan and the reality. But then we get together at our soul levels and decide that, “Gee…the planet has not raised its consciousness, nor evolved as we had hoped, so let’s just give it a little while longer. Let’s just see if we can embrace more souls, or at least, give these souls some more time, so that we can reach a critical mass.”
We have done this several times, and as we know, even given things a last ditch effort by going back into the darkness ourselves, in order to achieve the divine plan that we had come at this time to bring forth. Thus, creating the past two or three years of more suffering and great pain. But then as we have come to know, we finally had to give it up and depart, leave it all behind, and cross over into a very new reality of our making. Thus, a massive line was drawn in the sand, and a chasm created between the old and new reality, which created so many dis-connections from ourselves and those who were no longer vibrating or living where we now are.
Because we are now “done,” with no more helping, assisting, and bringing up the vibration of the planet, and because we are now on a very new and other side, we will finally experience our year of new beginnings in 2010, and this will be the year of many new and extraordinary creations for the new world as well.
Currently, we are gearing up. This is manifesting as great surges of energy creating more purging and releasing, alternating with times of great bliss and happiness. For the first half of 2009, I frequently reported that we would become very grounded into the earth with the solstice of June. It would be then that we would begin to experience the other side, and life would become magical indeed. Then the plan changed. We decided to create a split from the old world instead, to leave it far behind instead of bringing it along with us, so what we experienced then, was an energy that blew everything out of the water, so that it would land in its new and rightful place. A massive amount of energy was moved and re-arranged during this time, and it did not feel remotely good for most of us. (More about who landed where and why further along.)
But now, the original plan is ready to unfold, if only at the solstice for December instead of for June. We just had a delay (what else is new?), and are now ready to resume the original plan after we were done departing from the old.
So then, on November 11, we were given a new opening to a higher dimension, or rather to a higher level through the portal it created…the portal of 11:11. This created some interesting dynamics. Instead of feeling great, for some, it created a massive opening. And when we experience a massive opening, it can create all sorts of wild and crazy feelings, experiences, and emotions. Being that we were already at a new and higher level of residency, going even higher through the portal was equivalent to having experiences many of us had not had for a good ten years.
When we open and expand, we often feel a terrible darkness which is almost unmanageable. Depression, deep emotional pain, massive darkness, and even suicidal tendencies can be felt by those who are unusually sensitive. For others, it may have felt like just a bad day. And some may not have noticed a thing, but perhaps felt very tight or even tense. After we connected even higher through the 11 portal, we then had a very strange dis-connect, which was most notable on the 13th. Feelings of fatigue, weakness, lethargy, and just not wanting to do a thing were common manifestations. No energy. A great lull.
Then along came Monday the 16th, and a massive energy surge arrived. This was the re-connect energy. This surge was for me, almost more than my body could accommodate…and I had been preparing for weeks! When so much energy arrives, for some, it can feel like a massive panic attack, jittery nerves, an overwhelming sense that we may break apart, or even jump off of a bridge. And for others, they may just feel unusually energized and become unusually busy. For days prior and during this time, we were also releasing, as all the higher energy was pushing anything and everything out. The releasing manifests differently for everyone. Bladder problems, untimely menses, frequent urination, cramping, rashes, back pain, coughing spells, and such, are but a few of these symptoms. Or perhaps just a feeling of being uncomfortable, anxious, tense, and out of gear for no apparent reason. Old wounds may have risen in need of some kind of healing.
Next came Tuesday, the 17th, and we were now in some very high vibrating energy. Great joy, happiness, freedom, and excitement could be present. We were FINALLY in the higher vibrating energies that we had been missing for so very long. And know as well, that what really brings these awesome and higher vibrating energies to the forefront, and what can intensify them ten-fold, is a connection to others who have crossed over with us. When we begin connecting to our brothers and sisters, or even to our perfect partners who are finally arriving for us, these awesomely powerful and higher vibrating energies become magnified to a great degree. Things will really begin to change now for many of us.
We have not been able to manifest much for the past two years or so, and especially for the past year, mainly because we could not create anything, as we needed to be free and clear with nothing to take with us when we crossed over. In addition, because we were waiting and preparing with nothing left inside and outside of us, the energies were also vibrating far too low, as we were “in between.” We just could not seem to bring the energies of the old reality up, and after so many years of trying, our personal energies were very low as well…we were basically dead batteries at our core. Creating is much more difficult when we are residing in lower vibrating energies…within OR without!
Now, the energies are much higher, and in this higher vibrating reality, we will find that we can create effortlessly and very quickly, all that we desire. We can create now once again, because we are now on the other side and are no longer having to let go of any baggage we did not want to bring, and also because the energies are vibrating higher. And it can feel not just lovey dovey, but very intense too when these energies arrive with such a punch. The key to experiencing these higher vibrating energies, and to having amazing manifestations, as I have been writing about for so very long, is through the connections to each other. The planet in regard to our new and higher vibrating space, is beginning to come into form and to really move into its true and authentic space. We are a part of the planet, we live upon her and within her, and so we are both going through this together.
Someone recently wrote to ask me about the earth shifting on its axis. As each of us sees through our own filter of our area of expertise, even though we are all saying the same things, I can only tell you through the eyes of my particular filter, which is always about energy, alignments, and our spiritual evolutionary process, so I am sure there are others who have much more in depth knowledge about this subject. But basically, the earth is tilting and shifting, thus creating weather disturbances, earthquakes, and such, because she is aligning with her new position in the cosmos. The ascension process creates a new positioning for each of us, as well as the earth herself….thus at all levels. So then, she is adjusting her position to better align herself and to stay in the best energetic groove so that she will fit with her new position in the universe. And this new position also creates big energy surges as we arrive.
When we are re-positioning, things also tighten. This is because things always become simpler the more we evolve. We are basically brought into alignment, and anything not in alignment then gets pushed out. Thus, the earth is being pulled and tightened into her new position, causing shifts and changes. We, ourselves, can feel tight as well when we are adjusting to these new and higher frequencies. Feeling tense, or even like we are “walking a tightrope” as a friend recently described it, are all common symptoms. At times when we have several planets that all line up together at the same time, we can feel an immense tightness as well.
As we are finally beginning to feel the effects of our very new residency, we will notice that we are becoming much more “psychic,” intuitive, telepathic, or even find that we know when others are thinking of us, or even what others are feeling even if they are very far away. Ghostly encounters can become an epidemic. We are sharing the space with many more non-physicals now, and bumping shoulders with all kinds of new and different energies.
So then, we have new neighbors, but at the same time, as mentioned so many times before, we have lost many of our old neighbors. There is occurring now an epidemic of situations of separation between many of us and our grandchildren. I have been blessed to maintain contact with mine, but they are no longer near me geographically none-the-less. Here is why so many of us have become separated from our grandchildren:
These little ones need to be near to their parents in order to hold the space, or rather to keep the vibration high while the parents are coming into their own, or completing what they came to do before they can join us, as they indeed eventually will. If our little ones, who vibrate so much higher than most of us, as they arrived this way, were to have joined us, then they could not have served as the bridge to assist their parents.
When the line was drawn in the sand on September 9th, there were many souls who made sudden and hasty decisions to come with us. I have never seen anything so awesome and miraculous before. Many who had previously chosen to depart, very suddenly decided that they would indeed now follow a new spiritual path, own their “stuff,” or even make some necessary changes in their lives in order to move forward. In this way, the choices were very quick, as there was not much time left.
This scenario created some very interesting situations, which are manifesting more and more each and every day. The souls who were really on the edge, or on the chasm border, and who made these choices, are now then, on the other side, if even at the furthest reaches far below us. They jumped across just in time.
So now, we have a group of souls who are ready to move forward, but must complete what they came to complete for their first phase of occupancy here, before they can join us in their entirety. I have two loved ones who are currently in this space. Although we converse regularly, and love each other dearly, and even see each other from time to time, we cannot be united yet until they complete their soul signatures. This process will take two years. Two years is a big deciding factor right now for so much. We will indeed be in an interesting and bit of a temporary pattern for two more years, with much variation within that time frame.
This scenario also brings up some other things as well. Because these souls who are wanting and willing to move forward are needing guidance and a lifeline, we will indeed serve that purpose for them, as will our little ones. As they strongly desire to move into our spaces, during the time that they are “completing” what they came to do, they will also be opening and evolving as well. Hence, our roles as Earth angels for others will be manifesting more and more. We will find that many who know little of our ways of being and thinking, will be very hungry for this knowledge. This situation will create very successful store-fronts for many of us in times to come. In this way, we will be assisting those at the further reaches of the “other side,” as many will be clients or customers, as well as some being those with whom we will unite and eventually even partner with at the end of the two year period. Hoping this all makes sense.
Because of this situation, we will find many arriving in our spaces who may seem like a mis-match, but have come to us for soul connection purposes, as it is finally time to unite once again, even if the alignments of vibrations are not yet a perfect match….eventually they will be. Hence, all the strange mis-match energy of late (as mentioned in the WINGS post of November 12). All of these energies are attempting to locate their true and authentic places, or who and what they will connect with. It is all about everyone and everything that did indeed cross over, and now must get into alignment with all of it, as all these energies find ways of joining together. When the right connections become clear, and when they occur, it can feel so amazing that we can only know that something very cosmic, other worldly (our new world!) or even truly divine and incredibly amazing is occurring right before our eyes. And there is so much love between our brothers and sisters, and between our soul partners! We get to be together once again! We will be so happy to see each other after all this time and after this long and challenging journey! This is indeed the beginning of Heaven on Earth. We have finally made it.
So then, our store-fronts will really thrive (for those of you who desire and need financial security), and at the same time, we will also be offering our services to our brothers and sisters who are already in our perfectly aligned spaces, in order to create the new reality. Some are ready to create the new reality and also to assist those who just jumped over to the other side, and others are catching up with new energetic openings within themselves creating adjustments in their personal energy so that they can now match the new energy that they find themselves residing in. In other words, all this new energy is pushing any unhealed or residual denser energies to the surface for some of us.
Yes, the higher vibrating energy that we now find ourselves residing in, is creating many interesting scenarios and some chaos, but at the same time, it is also finally creating the ability for us to manifest what we came to manifest…it is finally time.
With much love and gratitude,

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