21 November, 2009


Missing the Mark...the Haywire Energies

November 12, 2009

With all the new spaces present in a new dimensional reality, there is an epidemic occurring in relation to mis-matches, or rather energies that are not hitting their designated targets. From receiving “wrong number” phone calls, to continued misinformation being given out, to the usual malfunction of electronics, to the “wrong” this or that, energies are simply not reaching their intended targets, thus creating a continual feeling of no flow in certain situations. None-the-less, in other areas, there is a synchronicity present at the highest levels that can feel oh so magnificent when it occurs, even if it does not make sense at lower levels.
With so many vibrational variations and levels now present, as we are still settling in to new energetic homes, these glitches, mis-matches, and continued misses are to be expected. And add to this the massive collision that is felt when distinctly lower and distinctly higher vibrations meet, and friction may just be the word of the moment.
Even so, things are indeed settling down a bit, and the turmoil energy of all the recent changes is beginning to wane.
Because all things are indeed connecting at higher levels, it can help if we know that our needs are being met, even if by strange and unusual circumstances. Navigating through the lower dimensional reality can indeed be easier if we keep our eye on the final outcome. As we may feel uncomfortable, dismayed, irritated, or even shocked by some of the manifestations of the denser energies (and unable to interact or even communicate with them), in the end, we may find that what we desire, or even a strange support can be the result. The trick is to ignore these energies that reside in between us and the desire or outcome we are navigating towards, and to stay focused on the outcome.
What is occurring here, is that we are no longer connected to the old world, but still must implement it to some degree, as we have not yet created a very new world for ourselves and for those who have crossed over with us.
In this way, we cannot be touched by lower vibrating energies which may seem threatening, unpleasant, or even disrespectful and shocking. They may do their dance, but we do not reside where they do. What we can do is to stay detached, step back, stay above them, and in a relaxed and loving way, gently put out our intention and then watch as these energies begin to shift and change. At other times, we may need to simply realize that whatever these energies are saying, will never apply to us, so in this way, we are indeed unaffected by them.
Because of this scenario of energies existing in very different spaces, we may experience strange “attacks” in regard to our work…again, with mis-information ever present. Or even strange attacks with mis-information in regard to anything we are involved with. Lower vibrating energies are telling us that we no longer belong in these spaces. At the highest levels, they are encouraging us to get out, as energy is always going in the same direction and supporting us at the highest levels, no matter how it manifests at the lower levels. And when we are eventually free of these lower vibrating energies, are we ever so glad to be free of the feeling of darkness and confusion!
At the same time, some energies of the old reality are none too happy that we have pulled out and are no longer holding it up. In this way, we may have experiences of being charged outrageous amounts of money for things, being asked to pay ridiculous fees, feel as if we are being asked to “dish out” over and over again, when all we want to do is to naturally receive what is due to us for all of our service as holders of the light. We may feel that it needs to be “our turn,” finally, as we enter our heaven on earth, instead of feeling a struggle to simply make ends meet, or that the old reality is “taking” instead of giving. The old reality does not want us to cease the giving and supporting we have done for so very long. When we begin giving to each other, and supporting each other, these scenarios will cease to exist. We will hold each other up, as we create the new reality and the new grid.
Feeling a dis-connect from Source or from our guidance or even from all things feeling good is a very natural result of crossing over. We are being encouraged to now rely upon ourselves, as we are becoming ever so quickly the angels of the earth. At this point in our spiritual evolutionary process, we know much more than we did when we began only a few years prior. In this way, we can now be wise council for those who are ready and who are asking for our services. We will find that in times to come, we will be guidance to our own special and specific groups of souls, just as we had our own special and specific non-physical guides ourselves in times past. These souls will come to us…we will not approach them thinking we know what they need. They will be willing and ready, and thus ask us for our help. (We are also in the process of getting very new non-physical guides for ourselves, as we have replaced our prior guides with ourselves.)
As we find that interacting with the denser energies creates a serious collision energy, with us almost being rocked to our core or traumatized, we will naturally become hesitant to connect with anyone or anything, and resistance or fear may be the by-product. We are being encouraged to now connect to our soul teams, or to those with whom we share similar vibrational frequencies. At times as well, we will also connect to others who are nowhere near a match to us, but who can act as “middlemen” between ourselves and the other world, as interacting with the other world has become now near impossible.
With all these strange and volatile energies present of late, we may naturally seek out our personal sanctuaries, or at least ways to remain in the eye of the storm. And as I have been writing about in many times past, we will also naturally begin forming our own groups or special places of residency for many to inhabit, so as to be residing in good feeling energy as much as possible. This is simply a very natural phase of creating the new world. We will begin by connecting to partners who feel great to be around, and then graduate to more souls, thus forming a group, and eventually, we will begin to congregate in physical places.
All of this ties in as well with feeling a dis-connect from Source. To bore you with the same old message, we are now embodying so much more of Source energy ourselves, that we will very naturally seek out the company of each other. In this way, we will help each other in many ways. We will come together to create whatever we choose, through the gifts and talents that each of us so naturally possesses. And when we come together, we will feel awesome indeed! Unpleasant experiences are occurring for us in the old reality so that we will be encouraged to leave. We need to create a very new reality. We need to come together. It is up to us.
Stuck in between worlds and feeling lost and alone? Or perhaps not quite sure what you want to create and where to connect? Many times we can feel stuck in between worlds if we still have one foot in one reality, and the other foot in another. If we cannot completely remove ourselves from the old world, what really helps is the energy of love. Love vibrates so very high, that it will override everything else. Personally, I believe it is a very tall order to be loving to everyone all of the time, especially when we have been punching bags for so much of the past year. And now that we are vibrating even higher, our sensitivities make being a punching bag even more challenging. With so much of our dense outer layer now non-existent, we may really feel all the pokes and prods to our energetic system like never before. Even so, when we have to be in the company of denser energies, it can really help to be as loving as possible.
No one “sees” you when you are in between? There is really not much of a connection? This is because you no longer belong in these spaces. If at all possible, it can really help to find a different place to be that vibrates a bit higher.
Where to go and what to contribute or create? Being around our brothers and sisters can really feel “real.” There is a lateral connection present, or at least a connection that is fairly lateral. And even if we are not in the company of our brothers and sisters (meaning fellow ascension travelers), simply laughing with others, being in spaces of creativity together, accepting each other, and loving and respecting each other, can create great feeling spaces as well no matter who is residing where. In these ways, it does not matter what rung of the ladder anyone is really inhabiting, as the vibrations of love, respect, caring, fun, and creativity always vibrate high no matter what the circumstances or setting. Being around the elderly or around children is usually always a pleasure as well, as these souls are more open and connected as they have either newly arrived, or are preparing to depart, thus placing them closer to the other side.
If you are wondering what you may want to contribute or create, a good rule of thumb is to identify what it is that puts you in a space where you forget who you are. It is something that really gets you out of the way. It is something that is not about you. It is something that does not represent a contribution you are making because you are needing or wanting to heal something inside of you temporarily. It is something that you have had a passion for or something that you have known about for a very long time. It is something that comes easily for you. It is something that you came to do, but it was not yet time until now.
If nothing is inspiring you right now, you may be needing a rest from all the turmoil and stress of the past two years. If at all possible, grant yourself this reprieve. It will place you in the eye of the storm and connect you to the higher energies. Thinking positively, having grand and positive visions, and absolutely believing they will come about will do the same.
We are still settling in to a degree, from our massive permanent removal from the old reality, and 2010 will mark a very new beginning in many new ways. For many, we are still collecting the souls with whom we will be connecting to, and still formulating our new plans. We are still adjusting to our new “homes.” But whatever is occurring with all of us, the energies of love, respect, caring, and unity will override anything and everything else, and simply negate all the illusions of how all things are presenting themselves, and what we may believe is really occurring. Nothing else really matters. Rising above all the illusions will become an easy norm in times to come.
With much love and gratitude,


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