26 February, 2010

How to find Spirit?

Curious, how do you find spirit? Is it through a prayer, a meditation, a movement, a sound, a book, a song? Or are you driven to spirit through a mini crisis, elated moment?

This past month, our spirits were shaken up with a medical scare for my husband. We are still finding out about his condition and its severity. At this point, we feel grounded that we have found a good support system to take us through to health and well being. But the road has not been an easy one. There were many detours and upsets along the way, in the form of noise relatives who wouldn't listen, doctors that didn't care, medications that causes more upset.

Now, we are grounded and finding our family spirit. What is keeping us strong and together is our commitment to each other and hopefully the spirit that we have allowed to grow in our home.

Nurturing from the inside out... this is where we have found our spirit.

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