26 February, 2010

WINGS - Earth Changes

The Earth Changes

February 12, 2010


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Although a WINGS message was just recently posted, there are noteworthy events on the near horizon, and knowing the higher level reasons behind them before-hand, will hopefully serve to ease any stress and confusion that may result.
The Haiti earthquake jump-started the emergence of the new reality by opening our hearts and bringing people together once again. It literally cracked open the new earth, and prepared it for its very new beginning.
In very near times to come, we will experience additional natural disasters, and these will not occur in third world countries. Although the areas where these disasters will occur are most likely already known to many, personally, I do not see the need to report this aspect. We are always right where we need to be, at any given time. At our soul levels, we are always, but always, navigated to our perfect places and spaces. In this way, some of us will remain in these areas when these disasters occur, as our earth angel role will be greatly needed. Others can serve better by being removed from these areas, all according to who and what we have all come to do.
In addition, I rarely report these things well in advance, as I feel that there is always room for a different scenario. We never really know how and if all things will indeed actually occur. Reporting these events usually creates fear, and we are already having enough insecurity as it is. In addition, we might just create an unneeded situation simply because we are focusing on it, and it may have not been necessary at all. If we can take this ascension process step-by-step, and focus on each step we are experiencing at the time, then we are always right where we need to be.
Currently, we are right on top of the next impending earth change. Why are we having earth changes and can they be averted? Although they are certainly unpleasant and quite dramatic, they are none-the-less necessary at this time.
The earth is being prepared for a very new beginning. Certain geographical areas are thus being swept clean and cleansed, so that the palette for the new earth will be ready. As we are branching out now, and as the light is beginning to “take over,” a new bed is being made. There is no judgment here. Specific areas are not being targeted because they vibrate so low that they need a swift make-over. What is occurring here, is that there will be specific areas on the planet which will be the light centers, and these areas are being prepared for their new roles.
When a dramatic cleansing and movement with the energies takes place, the area that is cleansed always vibrates much higher after the cleanse and shift occurs. Haiti, for instance, will soon be a recognized sacred space. And some geographical areas may be re-arranged in quite a dramatic way as well.
This is all part of the process of creating the new world. We are starting all over from scratch, and so, the new world must have a new bed to lie in.
For some, we have recently been moved into a new energetic space in order to be energetically removed from these impending changes that will occur on the physical level of our new reality. Feelings of being “sequestered” for a awhile, of being removed, of suddenly feeling that one is now in a new and very calm, relaxed space, or even that we have finally landed somewhere that feels right, protected, and real, are some symptoms of having this experience. Several months ago, many of us were “sequestered” while a new hierarchy was being put into place. This occurred around the time of the separation of the worlds. We needed to be removed while something new was being set up, before we could move into it.
This new “sequestering” is very similar, but for different reasons this time. We are being removed while the new geographical earth is being prepared. These feelings of being removed are most prevalent for those residing in the areas that will be affected, as they are closer to them, and will thus, feel their impact much more. We are removed during these times so that we will not experience any trauma or reverberations from these dramatic changes.
Yes, these times are dramatic and stressful indeed. But if we can remember that we have planned this for a very long time, and know that things are being orchestrated and put into place in a perfect and divine way, hopefully, we can stay in spaces of peace, love, and calm while all of these changes occur.
With much love and gratitude,

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