26 February, 2010

WINGS - Emptiness and Wave of Light

The Emptiness and the Wave of Light

February 16, 2010

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Not only have we been removed from much of late, or rather “sequestered,” but there is an emptiness present as well. Feeling blank, hollow, singular, or even experiencing a loss of identity, are common sensations of this new emptiness.
We are preparing to receive an immense wave of light. This light will wash over the planet and create many changes…all in relation to creating a planet that is more in alignment with the light, or a higher level way of living and being. Feeling empty, then, is part of the preparation…a precursor to being filled up with the beginnings of a new reality.
We may arrive home and suddenly feel that our house is too empty. We may suddenly dislike being alone. We may find ourselves eating for no particular reason, as an attempt to “fill up.” We may find ourselves feeling unusually edgy, perhaps tense, or at best, restless. We may find it difficult to start a new project or to finish an old one. We may even feel that we are waiting for a bomb to drop, and we are not sure why. We may also find ourselves sleeping more with a new fatigue as we prepare to receive this light in all ways.
This new wave of light that is soon to fall over us, will bring with it, much more of the new blueprint. It will wash over the planet, moving things this way and that, all the while clearing out the old so that the new can now settle here. This new wave of light will change things forever more.
This means that we are on the cusp of living in a new reality that we may have only dreamed about. We may be feeling that we are somehow “done” with something, but we may not consciously know what that is. What is “done” then, is the old world reality. We have left it behind now, and thus, may feel that we have suddenly gone somewhere else. For many of us, we need no longer have those old experiences ever again.
This new wave of light will bring a change in the way we live on Earth Two. It will create a way of living that derives from the heart. We will realize what is really and truly important, brush aside old feelings of separation and judgment, or even prior passions for a cause, and now know that we are all truly brothers and sisters of a higher order.
This new wave of light will bring together those who are a match for each other in many different arenas, as old relationships that are not of a higher vibration and purpose will begin to fall. The light will shine and reveal what all relationships are really and truly about. So then, the new wave of light will also bring a new unity as well and a unity that exists in all true and rightful ways.
We will come together through the energy of the heart, so at times, new unions may not make sense, but none-the-less, they will be the right ones. This wave of light will bring in our pure and authentic destiny…meaning, “our destiny is at hand.” Our divinity will be restored. We will be connected to our true and rightful positions as the rightful stewards of the planet earth, and thus, be lovingly placed within these rightful spaces. There will be a “new order in the land.” There will be a “bountiful harvest.” This wave of light will usher in the new world and the new reality. In times to come, it will be hard to remember the old reality, as it will feel like something from a time and place that we had perhaps only dreamed about. Because soon, we will be living in the real dream, as what we had only dreamed about will now be alive in our waking states and physical reality.
Feeling empty, hollow, strange, restless, alone, or dis-connected, are feelings that accompany one who is at the door to the new. Yes, waiting for that door to open, standing before it wondering with anticipation what may lie behind it, or even waiting breathlessly in a strange and isolated position while a massive wave of light prepares to wash over us, is a space that is temporary at best, but here none-the-less.
These are strange yet exciting, unusual yet unprecedented, and long awaited times indeed.
With much love and gratitude,

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