30 March, 2010

Meeting Our New Power

March 29, 2010


A brief note of clarification for some who have made incorrect assumptions (my apologies if I was not clear):
Although I recently found myself in a new home that is bigger than I am accustomed to, I am not opening it to the general public, nor did I ever plan to. There will indeed be individuals staying here at specific intervals, but they will be those with whom I have specific relationships, business or personal.
I am not starting a new community at Angel’s Rest. Angel’s Rest is a non-profit foundation set up to create and support a rejuvenation space and re-connection experience for those serving the planet, or our earth angels, for brief reprieves. It will not be a healing center. Although it will hold the blueprint for higher level community structure, and reflect just that, it was never intended to be an intentional community, but a place for weary humanitarian workers to re-charge and find themselves once again. It will be located on a special piece of land that I own.
The Soul Celebrations will be open to the general public, and will be offered so that those interested can connect more fully to each other and to themselves at higher levels, thus creating new webs of human connection in order to support the creation of the new reality. These gatherings, or events, will be offered several times per year at a public location near or in Corrales, New Mexico. Unlike Angel’s Rest, the Soul Celebrations will require a payment in order to attend, and will be a structured event with a brief information session from me, a brief workshop-type experience or two, and a fun and celebratory mingling time for connections and enjoyment.
The Soul Celebrations and Angel’s Rest are both designed for greater connection to self, others, and to the cosmos, with the intent of bringing back to the planet, a new and higher vibrating soul and individual plan (Angel’s Rest guests will have an experience more focused on basking, resting, and recharging.) For those interested, there are new additional offerings for the WINGS posts and e-books in the works as well. Like many of you, I have been unusually busy re-structuring my personal and business foundation in order to support these new offerings, and as yet, do not have a specific time-line for the Soul Celebrations or for Angel’s Rest, but I have been working very hard of late getting things ready! As always, thank you so much for your interest and continued support during these transitional times… And now, on to the latest WINGS message:
There is not a lot of new news to report, as although things are moving right along in a divine and orderly way, we are basically still in the same space we have been occupying for a few weeks now, if even more integrated and grounded than ever before.
As the earth, the cosmos, and all its inhabitants are so divinely connected, each and every one of us is acclimating and aligning all at the same time, and in a perfect relationship with the earth’s alignment through her earthquakes and up and down weather patterns.
March brought in a lot of energy through the equinox on the 20th (with windows on either side) along with the new movement created by the Chile earthquake. Yes, there is a lot going on right now.
As each earthquake settles out, or rather as the earth completes the energetic changes needed that each quake creates, things begin to stabilize in relation to the creation of a very new earth and new reality. And as mentioned in the prior WINGS post, the next substantial earth movement will not occur until the prior one has completed its process.
This means that each and every one of us will also have the opportunity to settle out, or complete our needed processes before we move on to our next phase. All the movement in March created a whirlwind of activity, mostly in relation to what we needed to tend to, in order to stabilize our new or prior foundations. Our foundations need to be very intact for what is to come. We need a strong and secure base to operate and exist from.
Manifestations? Fixing things in our homes, building or strengthening the base of our businesses or new endeavors, tending to garment foundations as well (I found myself at my beloved Victoria’s Secret one day!), and in addition, making adjustments and changes in how we run our own personal energy, or rather balancing what needs to be balanced in order to become strong and secure within ourselves. Strange and non-sensical dreams, new abdominal weight gain, feeling tired but still having an unusual perseverance to continue on, feeling a new strength and inner power and connection, and receiving supports for this strengthening are but a few more manifestations of the new space we are now occupying.
This whirlwind of energy that arrived in March touched what was currently at hand for many of us. Meaning that it did not create a lot of new, or rather very new, but basically enhanced what we already had. And in addition, it seemed to create movement and supports without a total completion, meaning that much began but is still left unfinished. With each new movement of the earth and cosmos, each of our endeavors or creations then, will continue to move as well.
These earth movements are quite amazing in that they continue to strengthen the creation of the new reality, or new planet earth. In many of the past WINGS posts, I refer to the new earth being created from “the ground up.” We are most certainly anchoring in now, and this means several things:
The true and rightful place for the creators and stewards of the new planet earth is being created more and more each day. We will feel this as a new power and strength, as well as through a new clarity regarding who we are and why we are here, and what we may choose to create. There will be fewer and fewer feelings of vulnerability the more we anchor and connect to the new earth, all the while experiencing this process in slow and steady increments.
Laying and strengthening our new foundations is what is prevalent at the moment, but as things progress, we will find ourselves “pushing out” our new energy and new power to further spaces on the planet, or rather sharing our gifts, talents, purposes and passions for the creation of the new earth (hence, the Soul Celebrations mentioned above).
With each new earth movement and stabilization process, we will strengthen more and more, as the earth and cosmos does the same. Up and down with feeling great one day and now much more rarely, down and very grumpy, lost, and empty another day, the weather seems to be experiencing this same adjustment series as well. Wide variances of temperature and climate change are reflective of the earth movements and adjustments, as are our own variances of mood and experience.
As the “new” energy begins to take up more space or “move outward,” a battle is also ensuing. My non-physical friends from our very new universe say that they are indeed surprised at how intense this grand friction has become, since our “change of venue.” There seems to be a situation occurring that does not vibrate as high as it could. Individuals or entities here on the new planet seem to be more concerned with sustaining and saving themselves, than they are with the whole. Coming together and helping each other will be vitally important in times to come, but saving and thinking of “self” seems to be overriding right now, along with energies grabbing on too hard and exhibiting “take over” tendencies. This scenario is manifesting in many areas, large and small.
I noticed this scenario occurring many weeks ago, and it has since created a change of being and operating from what could have been so very different. For me, I had to completely revamp and change the way I had planned on operating for times to come. I must say that I was quite surprised to hear our new cosmic family reporting and being concerned with the same. Creating for self alone, or for each individual “province” on the planet alone, also falls into this category. If this scenario of “self alone” continues on, our impending earth changes will end up being much more severe than necessary, in order that life on this planet finally understands what coming together is all about.
When we finally begin to really “see” each other, to honor, respect, and revere what each of us has to offer and who each of us really is, and to allow others to fulfill the piece that we were not meant to fulfill ourselves, then we can more easily leave any fear behind and begin to come together as a whole.
With much love and gratitude,

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