25 August, 2011


It always fascinates me when the synchronicity of life starts to form a pattern.  It is as if it holds a certain vibration or tonal quality about it, to create a melody/harmony which accompanies the life path.  Each event leads you to the next as you transition.

Today I was blessed with a great conversation with my aunt.  She called to share with me some new developments in her career.  She found a way to use her current skill sets to help a subset of people that has always been part of her life.  As she talked I listened.  I could hear her song or at least the part of her life that had this particular tune attached to it.  I struck me how beautiful the pattern was.

Later, I was part of an online discussion group regarding the Mayan Calendar and its implications for America.  This involved the very person who has been attacking my ego and so I was a bit apprehensive at first.  What surprised me was how spirit took over and started asking questions that have been asked of me many moons ago.  

During this exchange we discussed how to take action and stand up for truth.  Some were very excited about blasting on Facebook their new found voice, others tossed out ideas of petitions and protests.  As these ideas are good, I was going deeper to figure out how spirit would rise to the occasion.  It seems as if we need a new way of creating change that learns from the lessons of the past and improves upon the methods.

Why not challenge our old patterns and find new avenues for change, for truth... in the end.. what would spirit do?  Spirit was asking me to think harder, listen from the heart to hear what it said.

The reality is I don't have the answer yet, but I know real change comes from within... and when you change your vibration, it will ripple out to create a shift.   

The connection is to listen to spirit... allow spirit to let the synchronicity to guide you on your path.  Let the song play your heart strings and then you will be in creation of something great!   

24 August, 2011

Ego vs. Spirit

Anyone who has decided to walk the spiritual path, understands the ego will put up quite a fight.  But let's consider you are walking on the path and someone picks a fight with your ego?  What do you allow it to do and what does spirit think about this? 

Recently, I have been dragged into something that was not of my choosing.  Once I realized I was the target, ego started to engage and I wanted to let everyone know that was privy to this outburst.. that it wasn't me! There is this secured group I belong to online where we discuss all things of a Divine Feminine Nature.  When the group started, it was heaven sent it seemed, because I could discuss my thoughts with others that had suggestions, answers even!  Usually, I am discussing these topics and others just listen, or fade out as they don't have experience, interest or belief in what I am talking about. 

This group however was different and I was thrilled to be accepted and respected for what I had to say as I listened and read others' stories as well.  We found ourselves in a real sisterhood and it felt terrific. 

As time progressed, my interest increased and I was curious as to the path we were all on.  I asked a lot of questions about the direction of the group, potential outcomes etc.  As the group was new, my inquiries were too much.  So after some back and forth I realized that I needed to just take this group for what it was a discussion space.  My ideas and desires would have to wait for another opportunity waiting around the corner?

Just recently, as I was commenting and offering suggestions to one of the members, another member took offense at what I said as she took it personally.  This started a wave of activity that has now turned into something I don't even understand.  All of a sudden I was being attacked for my comments, and the discussions I had about our potential outcomes from long ago, now were forefront once again.  It didn't even dawn on me that any of this was taking place until a day had passed. Imagine my surprise when I realized I was the target of all this hub bub online!

Normally, I would have shot off a very quick response that most likely would have me putting my foot in my mouth as it wasn't well thought out in advance.  But this time, I waited and waited to see if maybe I misinterpreted the posts.  It was clear over time that I wasn't and there was now this small faction of participants that were very mad at me. 

After some private messages back and forth, I tried to explain what my post meant and I had no way intended for any of this to be hurtful, but helpful!  I was assured it was all fine and that it was good we clarified this misunderstanding.  But that is not what happened.  I was then blocked and had comments removed. 

Here is my current challenge... I realize that the reactions of others is not something I can control.  I also realize their opinions of me and their circle of influence is solely based on misconceptions they hold about me, without meeting me or even asking with love and respect as to what I intended.  They jumped to conclusions instead.  My ego is furious as having people not allow my true self to be heard.  I am so upset that their are judgements about me that are wrong and could be influencing others.  But my spirit, knows there is a lesson in this experience not only for them, but for me.  I am trying to let this go and hope that those who are meant to know me will seek me out and those that are not meant to know me, will fade away. 

But how does the one who is attacked for no reason get over the stigma that is now attached?  This is the hardest part to trust the process of allowing love to find the way to heal this situation.  I think this is harder still as there are people that I have just recently met online and in person that I would love to build stronger relationships with.  The ones who have attacked me, also are part of this same circle.  So as I sit back and hope for love to find the way... I know that my image is being distorted for those new friendships that I long to cultivate. 

Maybe if I put my intentions of allowing love to heal, instead of my ego to make justice happen and for the truth to come out... that will aide the process? 

What is your Ego fighting and how is your Spirit helping?

19 August, 2011


What does the word Resurrection mean to you?  For me it is a rebirth, renewal of something desired and finally found.

In the time I have been away from this space, much growth has transpired.  There have been transitions, movement, research, challenge, pause, laughter, tears, and living.  This is the "stuff" that happens when we are not looking, the daily moments of life.

As I return to this wonderful space, I come here with a different sense of self.  It isn't as if I didn't know I would arrive, but I finally know where I have come to.  The path to spiritual awareness can be the most amazing journey one takes, because it is a journey completely all your own.  It is of your choosing, your agreement and your discovery.

The first step in this process is to realize you have a choice.  You can opt to seek out your path or you can choose to continue in the day to day rote routines you happen to find yourself in.

I am here to say I choose to seek out the agreements so I am able to discover the depth of my commitments.  My journey started when I was about 4.  There were random twists and turns, or so I thought.  As you grow you start to see how perfectly designed those choices were to lead you exactly where you need to be.  The perfection of random events is your unique footprint on Mother Earth.  Where will your path take you, what choices will be made and what resurrection will you find within?