19 August, 2011


What does the word Resurrection mean to you?  For me it is a rebirth, renewal of something desired and finally found.

In the time I have been away from this space, much growth has transpired.  There have been transitions, movement, research, challenge, pause, laughter, tears, and living.  This is the "stuff" that happens when we are not looking, the daily moments of life.

As I return to this wonderful space, I come here with a different sense of self.  It isn't as if I didn't know I would arrive, but I finally know where I have come to.  The path to spiritual awareness can be the most amazing journey one takes, because it is a journey completely all your own.  It is of your choosing, your agreement and your discovery.

The first step in this process is to realize you have a choice.  You can opt to seek out your path or you can choose to continue in the day to day rote routines you happen to find yourself in.

I am here to say I choose to seek out the agreements so I am able to discover the depth of my commitments.  My journey started when I was about 4.  There were random twists and turns, or so I thought.  As you grow you start to see how perfectly designed those choices were to lead you exactly where you need to be.  The perfection of random events is your unique footprint on Mother Earth.  Where will your path take you, what choices will be made and what resurrection will you find within?

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