17 April, 2012


Guardian Angel

Currently, I am working on an Angel study.  I figured it was time to strengthen this connection and learn more what was possible when we opened up ourselves to the angel realm.  The process has been to read all books I own on angels and as I read, put the ideas or suggestions to motion.  Theory to Practice is the method.

I have been met with some success actually, in terms of having signs that signal to me a confirmation.  This is always helpful when trying to work with spirit.  So many times we doubt the process and wonder if we are doing it right or if we have the capacity to see the signs.

What I am learning is how easy it is to incorporate this work into my daily life.  I am also learning how there are many guides along our path to assist our spiritual growth.  One just has to ask and there is help.

How are you working with your angels?   Is there a special technique, method or angel you favor?  Have you always wanted to work with angels but didn't know where to start?  Most times the intention being set is the first step!

(If interested in the angel art, Artist is found here.)

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