27 April, 2012

The TRUTH will set you Free!

This week, I had an unexpected chat with a dear friend.  As the conversation turned from our weekend to New York, to my 40th, {gulp} birthday, to domestic troubles... I didn't expect to uncover a "Truth".

The question arose about truth and how it is dealt with.  Is it better to keep hidden secrets from those we love, if we think they are not ready or capable of handling the truth?  Will putting words to our truth, release those feelings tied to it?  What responsibility does the truth holder have in lighting up the karmic path for others? 

This truth is one of those nasty family secrets, you know the ones that cause all sorts of havoc and mess with our emotional stability while we struggle to become actualized adults?  I have had my fair share of uncovering many secrets in my own family and the manner in which I dealt with them was to blow them up and spit them out for everyone to see.  It wasn't pretty, comfortable, easy or joyous, but it was what I needed to do at that time in my life.  I was 21 and it was one of the hardest things I have done.  Looking back, was it necessary?  Was it necessary for everyone to know what happened and did I play a part in altering others' relationships?  Was that my role in all of this? 

If you believe in Karma and that each life has a lesson to learn and we are born into soul families to support those lessons... then maybe that was my role and those relationships were supposed to be altered.  Maybe the seemingly contented relationships needed to change so further growth was available. 

I do know this, by speaking our truth - out loud for all to hear- is empowering.  No matter the consequences for others in our lives, for personal soul growth, it is amazing!   Take a second to find your truth and scream it out loud... maybe wait until you are in the car and alone!  Over time your truth will be a seamless part of you that is comfortable and not some secret banished to the netherworld. 

Let's get back to that other idea... is it your role to let others know your truth even if it has the potential to alter relationships?  My belief is this... we all agreed to this lifetime and the set of circumstances we have been put through.  It is up to each member of this soul agreement to do what they came to do and speak their truth.  If we all stood up and spoke our truth, then real communication could transpire, judgements and long held beliefs would no longer hold power and we could see clearly into another's soul and find love.  For if we are to love and be loved... then we need to do whatever it is we need to do in order to bare our truest self, our brightest soul, not clouded by secrets and hushed thoughts.  We need to stand tall no matter the cost and let those around us deal with their karmic challenges. 

If we continue to keep thoughts, feelings and secrets hidden/unspoken, it holds power over all that were involved and no one will experience the growth that was meant for them. Your truth may cause a chain reaction of truths and you could possibly clear up an entire string of karmic sludge that has been following you around for decades. 

Yes the TRUTH will set you free... you just need to find the COURAGE to dig deep into your soul and allow it to emanate the love within.  

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Miri said...

Fantastic! I agree completely!!!