26 May, 2012

Big Spirits

What is a big spirit to do when they are in a group of small minds?   Isn't this the challenge of all great leaders, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, educators, writers....
As a person who has held many a leadership position, thinks outside the box, challenges status quo, strives for sustainable/progressive change, a spiritual activist, stands up for justice, ended cycles of violence and abuse, challenged national law makers on capital hill, it is fair to say, I know my spirit is big.  Some people are driven to do these things out of recognition.  This was never my motivation.  I just wanted to make the world a better place, so
instead of talking about it... I did it.  
Having a big spirit isn't an easy thing to figure out or accept.  Many times, it comes out in bursts, unexplained passions, excited ramblings and misunderstood messages.  It is hard indeed.   However, when it is received, it is magic, pure magic.  The places you will rise to are boundless.  The vistas you will witness are extremely serene.  Keeping this in mind, the struggles are worth it and this is what I need to hold onto.  
Let's return to the question at hand.. .what is a big spirit to do in a group of small minds?
A friend offered me the adage "We are in the right place at the right time; those we come in contact with are there for a reason, a purpose to help us all grow in that moment".  She went on to suggest in these moments of challenge, we are to be silent and allow others their time and space to grow.  We are a beacon so to speak and offer a light in the darkness.  But if we kept our silence, are we keeping something vital from humanity?  
Okay, so going along these lines, why were we given a big spirit?  Only to let the light shine? (Assume big spirit also equates to a person who strives for authenticity, the truth and love).   What are we to do with our insights, visions, creations?  Are we not supposed to share, then?  What good is all of this stuff we have inside if we are not meant to share?   What if those writers who stir up the truth didn't publish their thoughts?  Where would we be?  What if Galileo didn't speak up?  Would we still fear the edge of the world, due to its being flat?  What are big spirits withholding from us now, that could change and improve our lives for the better? 
Another point is to think about our location, are we to remain in a place that doesn't support our big spirit?  Are we to feel isolated and be the strong one for others to cling to, look to, when we don't have the same in return?  Is it not important for us to seek fellowship among like spirits?  
Where do we go for this fellowship?  If our physical location is challenging do we stay to be the beacon of light, or do we seek a place where our growth is supported?  I struggle with finding my place in this world, as I have moved and traveled to so many diverse places.  There were cities which most certainly spoke to me and others where I felt like such an odd duck. I think many travelers can relate.  So should we seek these places where we hear the heart message and our souls open wide?  What happens when our circumstance doesn't allow an immediate move?  
How do we calm the desires to be among like minded people?  Have you ever felt a pull towards certain people or groups?  Is it our duty to create a wider circle of like minds so our vibration increases?  If big spirits gathered, what would that look like, feel like?  Is this what our energy centers in the world offer?  Is this how Buddhist Centers, Ashrams, retreat centers, land grants, communes, Eco - Villages are based on?  Is this what our churches/religious centers attempt?  
There is much to ponder here.  Do you know the size of your spirit?  How do you allow its growth and what do you do to support its expansion?  Do you look for others to help, guide, encourage?  Do you long to be in a location were the vibration resonates with your own spirit?  
Is it true that we have to be mocked, hated and misunderstood and stay strong?  Or it is time to change this perception and create the community of fellowship we long for?


Miri said...

Good questions. So much to ponder here. To answer a couple, No I do not think we have to be mocked, hated and misunderstood to stay strong. These thought patterns are part of the "old systems" we are trying to topple. I believe that if the situation you find yourself in is difficult, then you're in the "wrong" place for YOU, whether in your mind or physically,for the present time. You can either find a way to make peace with your current situation, or you can go to that place that you feel you are being lead. if you feel you must go it truly is up to you to find the courage to go to that location that does feed your spirit with support and understanding and use that as a Springboard to buoy your thoughts, beliefs, aspirations, and actions. For you are being called for a reason, and "making peace" with a situation is well and good, as there are many paths and eventually you will get there anyway, but it is also denying a little part of you by arbitrarily continuing to put off what you know you should do. Of course, we always have free will, to do or not to do. To address moving to those places of comfort to your spirit: Like minds gathered together create Energy. More like minds gathered together increase that energy, and I believe when you feel a connection to those places you love, those places that draw you, it is in part because Spirit is calling you there. Especially if doors open easily for you to be there. Don't the ideas of pain and suffering in order to "stay strong" go back to the draconian belief systems of the Puritans, the Catholic Church, "the consequences of sin (mostly equated with pleasure) bringing "death?" These systems espouse belief tenets that state unequivocally that the individual must struggle along in this world in drudgery and suffering, in order to achieve salvation in the afterlife. SERIOUSLY? Aren't those the stale outdated archaic belief systems we are trying to eradicate today, as we bring in the Promised Age of Aquarius? So, ideally, Spirit guided individuals today do not stay where it is difficult for their spirits to live, they go toward where their spirit can achieve what is needed and perform at an apex. Notice I said ideally. Most of us, me included, STILL are trying to compromise and balance, the so called responsibilities of our lives with these desires. WE are in a state of transition. NO surprise of course, since the world is in a state of great transition. There are still complete remnants of our psyches that believe we have to suffer to attain "salvation." And we are still waking up to the awareness that our desires are Spirit inspired and God-like and not "of the devil." Especially since there is no devil, unless it's one of our own making.

MystikMomma said...

Miri, I so appreciate your reflection! Such wise words and thought behind your message. Yes, we are all doing the balancing act and in time we will figure out what it is we are called to be, and the challenges we have now are all part of our instruction.