31 May, 2012

Quod est veritas? - What is truth?

In reading the link found here about the Sun in Gemini, I came to some conclusions and applications to my personal life.  Accepting the idea, that we all personalize information we absorb, undoubtedly you will find your own resonance with this link and post.  To paraphrase a popular movie... "May the Truth be with you"!
According to the article, the planetary alignment of the Sun, Venus and Moon are virtually in the same position they were last year.  (Which is odd if you know anything about astrology).  However, there is a key difference; last year gave us a learning lesson in recognizing truth.  This year, the planets are offering the same lesson, but providing the assistance for you to get the lesson this time and move on from the negativity associated with untruths and deceit. 

When I look for personal application, I recalled a disturbance in an online group I belonged to a year ago.   The result of this disturbance were bruised egos running rampant.  The moderator was taking offense to challenges I posed in trying to better understand the truth.  Hindsight, I can see how my challenges were causing the moderator to stop and find her truth in relation to all of us and she was struggling to do so.  Why?  Because she was unwilling to hear others and allow their experiences and words to foster further growth.  She was grounded in her ideas and unwilling to allow any other thought to form out of a collective.  Her ego was entrenched and needed this stronghold so she dug in her heals and allow fear to take over.  The fear of losing, instead of allowing truth, shook her resolve.  

Her fear lingered and manifested in telling lies, made up stories about me in an effort to malign my position and credibility.   She encouraged others, in and outside of the group, to hold her lies as their own, through manipulation, charm and playing victim when she was desperate.  All of this was done behind my back in the shadows where fear lurks waiting to steal your ego for its own agenda.  I didn't find out until months later the lengths she went i order to have my character attacked in such a viscous manner.  These lies spread outside of the group to people whom I regarded as friends and held in high regard.  But over the past year, I have seen our communication lessen and find with some it is almost obsolete.   

Luckily it didn't take me a year to recognize her true nature.  Early on, I saw the desperation in her and how her ego took full control through manipulation and victim-hood.  The feelings I felt were unsettling and when my ego started to lash out... I knew this was not a good place for me to be.  As our egos are wonderful in defending and protecting our interests... they certainly can inflate and take us down a path we are not meant to go when deciding to live in love.  

I admit to not playing nice at first.  I was hurt, upset and dumbfounded at how one person could say such vile things about me, when I had offered resources, and opened my home to this person.  It was shocking to see grown adults behaving in such a manner and I was right there, lashing out; defending my position for truth.  When I exposed her nature to others... I was the one who was the tyrant and she was the victim.  She played right along, allowing my outrage to feed the story of victim beautifully.  Eventually, I stopped and removed myself from the pattern.  (Oddly enough, I am writing about all of this a year later... so still working it out and the reason behind the madness it seems).  This pattern is now once again playing out for others in the same group nearly a year later.  Hopefully they will benefit from this planetary alignment and learn the lesson quickly and release the patterns and people who do not serve their desire to live in truth. 

Truth is a hard concept to handle for most people, because it requires us each to see without our ego being in the way.  Once our egos are out of the way, our spirits are able to shine forth in their brilliance.  Removing the ego is no easy challenge.  We must make changes in our basic human nature and after years of practice doing it one way, well it is hard to make the changes necessary.  But the rewards are worth all the hard work that lies ahead of us. 

So what is truth?   Is there one truth, many truths.... do we each hold our own personal truth, or is there a collective truth, universal law governing, protecting, holding truth?   If we take the position we are of one source, godde etc., then there is one truth.    Here is my reasoning... a person either lied or didn't.  They either made it up or didn't.  Reasons for WHY they did this, could be numerous... but the end result is it was made up or not. The grass grows with adequate water supply. Without the water supply, grass will die. Now there are other factors that affect water growth, this is true... but ultimately if you take away water the grass will die, no matter the other factors at play. So Truth is a constant...a law of nature if you will. 

Many of us have left nature, abuse and use it up without respect.... a metaphor for truth?  We tend to hide behind our "own" specific truth, while denying ourselves the ability to truly see what is in front of us.  Certainly, emotions come into play and this colors our version of the truth so to speak.

There was an example we used in grad school regarding perception and how it messes with our mind. If you look at an iceberg from the top of the water line it may be 5 feet tall, 8 feet wide. no big deal, just go around it and you are fine. But what you don't see is what remains beneath the waterline.  The truth would have you see the whole iceberg above and below the water line.  What lies below the water line is far greater than the portion above the water line.  Truth of the matter is that until we see the whole piece... we are unable to discover what it is we are looking at.

Perception colors our ability to see clearly.  Consider a person who uses clairvoyance, the ability to see beyond the physical 3dimensional view.  These people see the entire scope, the energy and influences. They can tell you what is around you.  If you are not one to be truly honest with yourself... then you will not see the same thing. In fact you will leave feeling like you were just sold a line of BS... because you can't see it. 
Here is another way to look at it.. does the tree exist for the blind person who can not see it in front of them as they are walking???? YES, because "smack", they take that next step and "smush" goes their nose. Truth is around us no matter our ability to see or not to see... no matter our ability to know or not know. It just is, it is universal. 

As a trained Conflict Resolution Facilitator, we were taught to hear both sides of the story... or uncover each version of the truth.   Reread that last bit... "version" of the truth.. you see there is only one truth, but many versions.   When ego allows the version to be their personal truth, we become deluged into thinking we are grounded and just.   WE have our side and the other person has theirs... thus me remain in duality.  Duality doesn't seek to create a whole.  It doesn't support the idea of one sacred universal truth.  Remember duality keeps us from seeking wholeness; you much have one in order to support the other - there must be good in order to have evil, you much have black in order to have white.  

Let's consider there are 3 sides to the story... yours, mine and the truth!  The truth is the event without inflection, intention or perception. So as we move into this new energetic phase, I would look for the universal truths which govern universal laws. 

Consider the referenced link for a moment, the author suggests we get out there in real time in real life... not virtual life.  In order to respect the virtual world and online friendships, we are encouraged to be helpful, positive, loving, and honest.  My commitment has always been to live an authentic life which allows my spirit to shine through the ego of this incarnation.  I will do as she says and use the virtual world, (internet), in pursuit of whole living... not a divided,dualistic path.   

Parting thoughts....
1 -Recognize the moments when truth is available.  
2 - Find a way to allow your ego a moment of pause so your spirit is able to be a reflection for truth, once this happens, it will be unlock the secrets your spirit holds for you.  Then the challenge to live with universal truth will become second nature.   
3 - Get out in the natural world and be a reflection of universal truth.   

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