03 November, 2012


Yesterday one of the Facebook Communities I belong to Sacred Circle Retreats, asked the following question - "As a woman, what do you long for on a soul level? How do we come together as women without competition, jealousy, judgment--with love and support, fully open to empower ourselves and one another?"

My quick response was - "Being honest with ourselves and others is a good start."

Honesty, leads to truth and the truth about being a women is a bit harsh at times pending the roles you have taken on in your life.  As a professional, I was paid less than a man, asked "do you want some candy little girl" in an elevator on my way to a business meeting, fondled at an after dinner business outing by my male boss, told to look "cute" at a client meeting because the customer liked pretty girls from my female boss, denied a promotion because I was pregnant and eventually "let go", because I took my maternity leave.  

As a leader, I witnessed many men who assumed my skills where inferior to theirs and women who saw me as competition that needed to be discredited.  I never understood how fellow leaders didn't see the collective power we had if we came together, instead of pushing each other off the pedestal.  I knew that servant leadership was effective and grassroots organizing was sustainable.  

Honesty, this is part of my female experience.  I am saddened to find other women who are not supportive of each other.  It is hard enough to be looked down upon throughout history from the male population, but to not find support from women is truly disheartening.  This thought process led me to ponder the question a bit longer and what I found was that honesty was the starting point in what I want from other women.  But why did I want this honesty and what does it mean to me?

This led me to the following insights.....

If you have been wounded in this or past lifetimes... getting to your honest self is a process that is not for the weak... but for the determined to walk. Only until this path is started and one is honest with themselves, do they realize the true nature of forgiveness, which starts by asking it of others and ultimately ends with forgiving ourselves. 

This type of behavior is what I seek out in other women... it is what I demand of myself in order to give my best to others I come into contact with. Is this a judgement or a starting point? When you are confronted with dishonesty... do you judge the action as such, when you decide to move on and not engage any longer? Is this the idea of detachment the Hindu's speak of? Is it part of our personal journey to recognize dishonesty in ourselves and others? 

If we do not recognize the dishonesty we keep, then we are relegated to lower level energy and vibration. We collect with others and increase the negative pull that so many are trying to distance themselves from. Spiritual growth is stunted and the egotistic mind increases in delusional self-imposed power. So do I employ judgement or discernment when faced with dishonesty? Yes I do, because until people are honest, then there is no spiritual growth. Spirit becomes a prisoner of the egotistic mind. And if others judge or discern my actions, they would find my spirit has been freed to stand in truth, firmly grounded and rooted in mother earth, stretching up to the heavens to reach father sky and embrace brother wind. 

It is this connection that I seek in others and in women especially, because we have an innate connection to mother earth and her mysteries. When I encounter a dishonest woman, I know she has been disconnected with mother earth and her actions are harmful, instead of graceful. I believe we have an honor and duty to discern behavior in ourselves and others so we may learn better ways of being and of living. If the behavior is one reflected to us by another or one we don't recognize in ourselves but the other, either way, it would serve us well to discern the purity and intention so we may keep our spirits free to ground and grow to the heavens.  

This is my honesty, what is yours? 

02 November, 2012

Action or Process?

Discernment or Judgement...

Discern to "sift" apart mentally or with the senses.

Judge to gain opinion through weighing of evidence and testing the various premises. Could use discernment to help gain judgement.

Something to ponder: is this action right or wrong, good or bad? Why are so many quick to "judge" or condemn those who employ these methods as a way to make sense of their world experience?  If these actions are used to the fullest of their definition, isn't it simply a process for knowing more clearly what it is you are in the presence of?