21 December, 2012

Dark to Light and into Love

Have you ever been so low that you felt you were down in a well, a dark obsidian well covered from the sun?  If you are reading this, then you have been able to climb out and gain perspective of light and dark, so appropriate for this day of the winter solstice.

 For those who have climbed out of the Obsidian Well, you figure out that the depth wasn't so awful to overcome and rise above.  Over time you become an expert at climbing out; you become more skilled and agile in working through the darkness of your life.  It is then, that you have the choice, to either choose the well of darkness or to choose the light from above. 

When you choose the light, it doesn't mean you have forgotten the well and all the lessons there, but you understand those lessons are no longer needed for your growth.  What is needed now is for you to embrace the light and live your life fully open to the miracles which are outside of the well. 

During the longest night of the year, we are challenged to go within, maybe even look at our well.  Take stock of what lies beneath and what is necessary for growth.  This time is contemplative and necessary.  It doesn't have to be messy or hard, it depends on what sort of work has already transpired in your life.  Do you know the walls of the well, do you smell the air from the depths below?  

To be familiar and intimate even with this darkness you carry inside is critical to knowing the being you were meant to become.  It is paramount to allow the time and space for this growth to develop. 

Today the darkness has arrived and we are looking in the obsidian well of our existence.  Each day forward we will embrace more light, allow more love and move away from our well.  To allow more light is to allow more love.  Not love from others... but love of self, love of your life and existence. 

Are you able to say with confidence that you are intimate with your well and love the life you live?  It is a tall order and requires much work to arrive at, if you have suffered greatly under your hand or others per the soul contract of this existence. 

I am here to say I love my life.  When I say I love my life, I say it in earnest, for I have climbed out of the well on more than one occasion and it feels amazing to stand in the light allowing my presence to be wrapped in love.  I so do love my life, it is beautiful through and through, up and down, in and out and all around! 

May the well of darkness serve to allow the light of love to dwell within.  Blessings of light on this solstice night!  

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