12 December, 2012

Opening of Purpose

Today is 12-12-12.  Many people have written about this day, thought about this day and planned for this day.  No matter if this is a day just like any other, or a day of arrival of your benevolent gifts, it is a day to be fully alive in your present moment. 

So often we are wrapped up in the details of our day, the logistics that have us running from here to there and back again.  Each day is filled with commitments, expectations, needs, wants and things to do.  However, each day is also a day for you to fully step into your life as it was meant to be lived.  It is this purpose of self that we are searching for.  Why am I here, what is the point, what am I to do with my life?  

If we wake to our inner self and listen to our own callings, not the outside pressures of people, places and things, but to our self... we will begin to hear our calling.  The key is to stop long enough so your heart is able to center your mind and calm the body.  Through this synchronicity of self togetherness, you will be available to hear your inner voice. 

Being open is being open to what makes sense for you.  It doesn't mean we open to all and everything, allowing our lives to be derailed, it means that you are open to situations that come and you are able to see this as an opportunity to discern your life path.  Some situations present themselves as items which need to be left as they are.  Other situations offer a treasure for you to discover and cherish. 

MindOverMatterOpenings are as such, these awesome times occurring in your life where you are fully present with the material you are given and the wherewith-all to understand its purpose.  When you arrive at these moments... you are in alignment with purpose.  You are moved intuitively in those times. 

12-12-12 is a moment for many who are ready to align with the action of the Universe and their Purpose.  If more people moved in harmony aligning with their purpose, truly we could alter the current vibrations the planet holds.  Aligning with purpose is benevolence, therefor this alignment would bring about great change of pure thought, action and reception. Imagine how living in this vibration of benevolence would affect your life.  

The Opening has arrived.   The question is what will you do to align with your Purpose?  

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