05 January, 2013


What does it mean to clean up, cleanse, purge, detox, move on, change?

Cleansing is for some a daily ritual when it comes to our physical body.  We shower, bathe, wash our face.  Maybe we go a bit deeper and detox from the inside out, changing our daily intake to reduce the daily output; colonics even.  We are purging the toxic build up in our corporal body, to jump start weight loss, increase energy levels and revamp our vital organs. 

We sort and organize our belongings, clean the house, deep clean even washing the baseboards and windows.  We donate the things that are unwanted or no longer useful.

How do you cleanse your aura, energy field, ethereal being, your Luminous Energy Field, ltf.   What about all those negative thoughts, words, patterns of behavior which no longer serve our purpose?  Are we hoarding relationships, negative patterns, destructive self talk?  Are we harboring angry, loathing, envious emotions?  How does one cleanse this aspect of our being?  

Recently, I examined my friend-list on Facebook and purged.  I deleted 8 "friends" that never once exchanged a post or comment with me.  I thought about my interactions in many online groups via FB and Yahoo.  At one point, I was excited, honored and looked forward to participating in them.  Where these groups once served an important part of my soul development, I have come to see how they no longer do.  This isn't a judgement, just a knowing that the time for something else is needed in order for my growth to continue in the manner I am to grow.  All things come and go, ebb and flow in life.  I am well aware of this pattern and do find the natural cycle to be affirming when I see these patterns play out in my day to day life. 

Cleansing takes on a whole new meaning when applied to multiple levels of existence.   It isn't always easy to recognize what is no longer needed.   When releasing sugar from your diet... you know how difficult it is to say no to that ice cream cone.  But there is a pay off... and it usually leads to a certain clarity about yourself;  a sense of knowing a deeper purpose within. The senses are sharpened and more alert.  You become a bit more in the present moment, ready for the living you are meant to live. 

Changing our routines, habits and patterns in all aspects of our lives is how we grow, how we learn.  We process experiences and figure out the next steps.  There is nothing wrong with cleansing, if it is done with the utmost care of your soul and its development.  This is always appropriate and to be celebrated!    Even when the house is clean that too is to be celebrated.  What a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction to see the shiny new space, new you that has been unearthed.  

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LFM said...

Exactly! Well said Mystik.