01 January, 2013

New Year, Cycle Returns


With all the past pressures of new year's resolutions, affirmations, clean slate etc.... it begs the question, what is a new year and it is more than just another day?  

What does a new year mean to me?  
What have I done on New Year's Day?  I sit with my calendar and start marking it up with important dates, events, and highlight certain aspects of the year that I don't want to miss.  As I flip through each month, I start to see the visual in my mind as to the season, the theme, the feelings and the activity.

solar circle year litha beltane yule samhain lunasa lammas candlemass equinox summer winter solstice spring autumn
wonderful piece of art by Nahimaart
It means a whole new cycle of seasons to enjoy.  In fact it always has, as the wheel of the year turns I look forward to each seasonal change and holiday, celebration of life and love in our birthdays and anniversaries, even those days of loved ones passing.   I see family gatherings with scrumptious foods, decorations of various sorts, music of different themes and changing scenery.   I try to see this as the way we move through our lives day by day, ritual by ritual.   I enjoy each moment for what it is and sprinkle the magic all around.   The hard part is not rushing the wheel it's momentum, but relaxing into movement.

The entire year is marked with important dates that awaken my soul and write the story of my life, the personal bits and the collective shared bits.  The year represents a slice of my life.  A segment of time that I mark in continual patterns from day to day.  Each year I do plan on some new things, maybe a place I never visited, a festival to add to my tradition, a new challenge to accomplish.  It is in these experiences that my life is written and this is the tradition I hold for New Year's Day. 

What does the story of your life look like and if you were to create a wheel of the year, would it include balance and dimension, personal and collective, celebration and pause?  

Blessings to each of us as we turn our own wheels. 

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