11 May, 2016

Stillness and Being Okay

The past few days, I have been feeling less than energetic. My body has a way of slowing down and pausing.

Working with these cyclical pauses is a process.

For so long we are told to push and be productive. What happens when we pause? Are we still productive, are we still viable in that moment? Or are we overcome with laziness and boredom? What internal voices go off in your head when you are not performing and productive?

To be still within is a true gift. It is not a sign of laziness. It is a sign of quiet reflection and being in the moment. There are incubation periods, found in nature, when growth happens. If we don't allow our body this critical time, we rob ourselves of valuable treasures. Treasures only recovered after pause and stillness. To be at peace in the moment, whatever the moment may be, is a gift.

So the stillness has served me well, as I needed to reflect on what was swirling around me. The business of the day, the week, the month, the chaos of our relationships... all of it pushes us beyond our current capacity at times. The time to recharge the batteries and reflect is as precious as the time spent pushing and pulling our dreams into existence.

Be well with your rhythms, for they reflect the natural flow of life.